May: Hope for Humanity

May: Hope for Humanity

Date: 2024

Hope in London.

While in London, I learned a lot at the Earth Fest and some of the work people are doing to create a more sustainable and hopeful future for ourselves and the planet. 

What struck me so strongly was the realization that it's not "one thing" that got us into this mess and it won't be "one thing" to get us out of it. By that I mean, it's not just fossil fuels. It's not just plastic. It's not just farming. It's not just animal product consumption and treatment of animals. It's not just deforestation. It's not just polluted oceans. It's not just the fast food industry. It's not just the fast fashion industry.

It's not just "one thing" that got us here. It's a lack of mindfulness, a lack of consciousness, a lack of respect and love that has created this global imbalance and as we are in the midst of this wakeup call we realize that the solution to all of these converging issues is L-O-V-E. 

If we love the planet.

If we love ourselves.

If we love animals.

If we love plants.

If we love one another.

If we love clean air and clean oceans and have clean, healthy, happy bodies. 

If we love ALL of these things, we now create a planet, a humanity and a reality based on our co-existence and appreciation of all that is around us. 

This may sound daunting to some, but ideally it is hopeful. It is an invitation to recognize that every single small choice we make isn't meaningless, but in fact essential to a more mindful, loving, coexistence with all that surrounds us and lives within us!

With light and love,

Sam Stokes

Journal Prompt

What are some small choices you've made in the past year that have made you feel more hopeful? Something you've changed in your life that makes you feel great and like you're making a positive impact? 

What's an area that you'd like to explore in the next month and learn how you could incorporate it into a more sustainable existence? 

Are there beliefs that you have that you are not practicing and would like to hold yourself accountable to implement more regularly?

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