Who is she?

Sam Stokes (the fire) is the eternal flame. She is the soft and tender candlelight dinner of a long-awaited first date and she is the strength and force of a large wildfire racing through the forest. 

She is bold, courageous and commanding like a lioness in the jungle. 

Yet she is soft and sweet like honey from a sunflower. 

She bursts through your hallowed walls only to help you find the innocent child of your soul longing for a hug. 

She is your wildest desires and she is no one. 

She is everyone, she is you. 

She is Sam Stokes (the fire).

MS0221_Sam Stokes
Hotel Cafe_Judy LIn (6)
Live at Truckstop Mixtape
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Hotel Cafe (4)
Sam Stokes_Three of Clubs_2 (2)
Sam Stokes_Nabu Wines_Manu Waldenmeier (2)
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Sam Stokes_Nabu Wines_Manu Waldenmeier (3)


Photos and Videos by Judy Lin or Manu Waldenmeier

Album Artwork by Jasmin Giller

Illustrations by Erin Spencer


samstokesofficial (at) gmail (dot) com

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