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REVIEW: Back Seat Mafia

8.0/10 Moving between reflective acoustic songwriting and moments of sprawling, fuzz-laden experimentation, the new album ‘Common Ground’ from Sam Stokes is brilliant on many levels.

REVIEW: Earmilk

Sam Stokes follows up the success of several singles with genre-defying and effortless debut full-length 'Common Ground,' that weaves complex messages and sparse arrangements that showcases her creativity and tenderness.

REVIEW: Newcomer Mag

Tagged by the press for her unique approach to writing that interweaves poetry and spoken word into raw musical arrangements, Sam Stokes is a multi-faceted creative who pitches herself as an eternal flame.

REVIEW: Flex Music Blog

Richly human and personality drenched from cover to cover, the project ranges from soft acoustic and vocal numbers to vivid band arrangements, introducing everything from twangy electric guitars to soft flutes.

REVIEW: The Stumble Upon

The album shares both fiery and tender moments. Though the arrangements range from minimal to complex, Sam’s delivery never ceases to make the project feel human. By interweaving spoken word with sung melodies, the artist draws the listener into the world she builds with each line.

REVIEW: Vents Magazine

We see Sam bring an unparalleled energy to the track, from the cheers in the background, to instrumental ability, it all helps show Sam as an artist to watch.

REVIEW: Music Crowns

Self-produced and multi-talented songwriter Sam Stokes utilises her creative freedom to tell beautifully penned, relatable tales through innovative and unique storytelling.

REVIEW: Sistra

As always the core of Sam’s artistry is in her writing, using music as a means to portray the subtle thoughts and emotions found in her words.

REVIEW: Mystic Sons

With her sweet and supple vocals layered across a wistful production from start to finish, 'Common Ground' sees her continue her ascent as one of the more mesmerising names doing the rounds right now.

REVIEW: Vents Magazine

...the artist creates intimate and heavenly soundscapes that speak directly to the listener.

REVIEW: Unis Son

The strongest asset of this record is undoubtedly thisflexible voice, sometimes clear, lyrical, sometimes slightly husky, deep, andfiery. With the guitar, the musician has found that wonderful balance

REVIEW: Earmilk

In a world where polished perfection is often celebrated, "Common Ground" demonstrates imperfection's beauty. It is an unapologetic embrace of the highs and lows that define the human experience, a celebration of authenticity in its purest form that is sure to touch the hearts and souls.

REVIEW: TJPL News Magazine

I liken "Common Ground" to a spiritual and emotional soultrain, one that has been carefully crafted through the unique artistry of Sam Stokes. 


Across its runtime, "Common Ground" presents a stunningly cohesive vision of raw emotional expression through sparse arrangements.

REVIEW: Rock Charts

Sam Stokes’ music is a kaleidoscope of emotions and colours wrapped in dreamy melodies that are truly infectious.

REVIEW: Medium

For now, “Common Ground” remains a breathtaking snapshot of an artist entering her true voice. Give it a listen and let Sam Stokes’ special moments deeply move you, as they’ve moved so many already. This is an album that will stay with you for its emotional depth and haunting beauty.

REVIEW: We Write About Music

Some albums capture a unique essence that defies easy description. Sam Stokes' debut solo album, "Common Ground," is one such gem. It's a raw, tender, and intimate moment that encapsulates the experience of a soul embracing its earthly vessel.

REVIEW: York Calling

Sam Stokes is truly a unique artist and Common Ground is a collection that only she could have written. There is so much of the personal in her stories, but an instant relatability too.

REVIEW: Tune Oasis

The vulnerability of the lyrics provides much-needed comfort to the listeners. This track is a gem that you ought to hear.

REVIEW: Music Arena GH

As we hang in there waiting for “Common Ground” to drop in October 2023, it’s evident Sam Stokes isn’t just making tunes; she’s creating a soundscape, connecting us all with tracks that hit as soft and as soothing as “Like a Feather.”


This works continues a great career and proves that the artist knew how to use all of her influences and mix them in a peculiar way to create her own identity in the music scene, presenting her dreamy and spiritual ideology, along with the captivatin and peculiar sound that she brings. 

REVIEW: Os Garotos de Liverpool

... an acoustic guitar that runs throughout the track and an angelic vocal which gives more power to a track that can be defined as an anthem.

REVIEW: Buzz Slayers

Sam is the kind of artist that makes change and that does things at her own pace and in her own way. She is paving her path with her artistry, and she does it with very few boundaries which is a huge part of the beauty of the entire project.

REVIEW: Artisti Online

In this song the singer gives us a listening experience that investigates human connections with sensitive reality, which communicates with us through a language that we can only grasp if we are in tune with the universe.

REVIEW: Principle Music

“Like a Feather” by SAM STOKES is more than a song; it’s a beacon of hope and a reminder of the interconnectedness of our experiences. Let the magic of this music fill your heart and soul, and as you listen, you’ll find yourself soaring “Like a Feather” on a journey of self-discovery and connection.

REVIEW: musikepool

Stokes’ journey, as reflected in her music, reveals a tapestry of raw, unfiltered emotions—rage, peace, and unyielding hope. Her music is a testament to unwavering authenticity, a reminder to believe in the highest versions of ourselves and humanity, and to nurture our planet. “Common Ground” is the fertile soil where seeds of love, light, and hope are planted.

REVIEW: Music Taste

SAM STOKES' willingness to push the boundaries of musical structure and dynamics pays off, creating a song that stands out in its genre.

REVIEW: The Stumble Upon

Whether she is singing intricate harmonies or creating an excited crowd from layers of her voice, Sam’s style is highly unique and refreshing to hear.


Fully self-produced, Sam is now setting out to release her debut solo album ‘Common Ground’, which promises to show off all the musicianship and innovation we’ve come to expect.

REVIEW: Lock Magazine

‘The Sun & The Moon’ showcases Sam Stokes as a captivating and inventive storyteller, guiding listeners through a celestial soundscape that feels both familiar and refreshingly unique.


With a carefully crafted mix of song and speech unveiling an intimate narrative, the track strikes a perfect balance between evocative lyrics and instrumentation that balances soft, thoughtful touches with sudden changes in energy.

REVIEW: Testing Melodies

This extraordinary artist sparks inspiration within us all, serving as a catalyst for transformation and representing the indomitable spirit we share. Embrace the captivating journey of Sam Stokes (the fire) as she unlocks the spark that sets your soul ablaze.

REVIEW: Thoughts Words Actions

What sets Sam Stokes apart from other contemporaries is her ability to meld a singer-songwriter approach with elements borrowed from alt-folk, indie folk, and indie pop genres. The result is a unique and captivating sound that goes beyond comprehension.

REVIEW: Music Crowns

Singer-songwriter Sam Stokes has once again captivated audiences with her latest single, ‘The Sun & The Moon,’ a blend of rhythmic acoustic guitar, gentle percussion, and her unique storytelling combination of speech and song.

REVIEW: AFX Radio London

Delving into ‘Amuzani’ is more than just experiencing a record; it is first and foremost a spiritual, cathartic journey through Sam Stokes’ nuanced artistry and fragile songwriting.

REVIEW: Muse Chronicle

Sam Stokes is a versatile artist whose passion and intensity is evident in her music. Although she has a bold and courageous personality, yet she is soft and sweet like honey from a sunflower. Through her music she connects with the inner child of the listeners and make it feel seen and heard.

REVIEW: Illustrate Magazine

This terrific musician will enchant you with a narrative that will feel so raw, so integral to the human spirit that you can’t help but root for her success. Thus, that is truly music’s purest essence, and it’s crafted stunningly by Sam Stokes herself.


Musically, Stokes weaves a tapestry of sound that leaves the listener with no choice but to feel every note and lyric. Her rich, warm acoustic guitar provides a comforting background to the soulful and jazzy vocals that encapsulate the raw and authentic emotion she pours into every verse.

REVIEW: Rising Artists

She shares her stories from her highest highs and lowest lows, she shows their space for sad and happy, masculine, and feminine, in everyone.

REVIEW: Mesmerized

You see, it takes guts to command the listeners’ attention, building such a compelling musical piece that instantly draws them in.

That’s exactly what Sam Stokes does, and she seems to do so with easiness, too. ‘The Sun & The Moon’ becomes pure storytelling, a crystallized moment of human behaviour inflated into a universal song. It’s haunting at times, majestic at others, and always anthemic.

REVIEW: Each Measure

Through her poetic storytelling and profound observations, Stokes reveals her exceptional songwriting prowess and leaves no doubt that she is a rising star in the music industry.

REVIEW: Medium

With honest folk melodies, soulful vocals, and lyrics that wrestle with life’s messiest parts, Sam Stokes reveals a rare gift on “Met a Man”: the ability to embrace our shared imperfections through the transformative power of unconditional love.

INTERVIEW: Canvas Rebel 

It’s the moment when someone says, “I didn’t know what this feeling was inside of me until I heard that song.”

REVIEW: Sistra

In a world that doesn’t stop getting harder and crueller, one of the things that still amazes me is how humans can feel empathy towards each other and care about others pain as if it were their own. Sam Stokes is an impressive artist and soul; she conveys this compassion sense in her latest single, “Met a Man.”


Music and art is my form of service and gift to the world.


The touching folk strains of "Met a Man," the debut single from up-and-coming singer-songwriter Sam Stokes, hint at a fresh new voice rooted in timeless truths.


The opus expands with meaningful prose, as the rising artist showcases poetic prowess and her perspective on “the story of someone you love deeply who has fallen from grace.”

REVIEW: Find No Enemy

There’s a cutting quality to “Met a Man”, an incisive insightfulness that’s garbed in such a rich empathy and sincerity.