July: Every Moment is New

July: Every Moment is New

Date: 2024

Trying new things is weird. 

As kids we're so used to constantly learning and growing and we're also pretty comfortable with being bad at stuff - because we don't know any different.

Then once we get good at something (or a few things) we tend to stick with those and get even better and better at them. 

What can happen though is that we forget the muscle of


We can forget that it's okay to be a beginner at something. 

Being a beginner at something as an adult is one of the most humbling and grounding things you can do for yourself. It is the quickest way to check your ego and connect to the present moment. 

But that ego check - that humbling - is often too unbearable for many that they'd rather stay within the comfort of their expertise than to try something new. 

This is death. 

Every choice we make is either growth or rotting. It is either helping us expand and create new neuropathways or it eating off of itself and spiraling inwards. 

If we can become comfortable with being uncomfortable. If we can be okay to be novice at something - at ANY AGE - wow, we will stay young forever! 

Whether it's learning a new language, learning a new skill, trying a new sport, eating new foods you've never tasted before, listening to music you've never heard before, going to an event that you have no idea about in advance - you simply go with zero expectations to experience a new world. 

It's a lifestyle and a daily choice. Do you choose comfort or growth? Do you choose life or death? 

With light and love,

Sam Stokes

Journal Prompt

When was the last time you did something completely brand new? 

How does it feel when you do something outside of your comfort zone? Do you like it or does it scare you?

Can you move past the discomfort easily in order to experience growth? 

What is something you've always been curious about that is outside of your comfort zone that you'd like to incorporate into your comfort zone?

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