September: Oneness

September: Oneness

Date: 2023

Someone once shared with me the idea of looking at every person on the street, every member of your close inner circle as an extension of you. In them, you continually see yourself. You are constantly mirrored back that which you exude. 

At one time, this idea seemed strange and impossible. But then one morning I woke up and couldn't help by see myself, see my uniqueness, my ticks, my joy, my sorrow in every person I encountered on the street.

Their eyes were reflections of my heart. 

It is with this oneness, this openness that we are able to genuinely feel a connection to all things. We sense at the same time we are not alone, for we are all connected. 

We are all unique pigments of light, completely individual shades of one color on the same rainbow of billions of pigments of light. We are both the pigment and the rainbow. We are both beautiful for our unique refraction of light and our connection to the whole. 


With light and love,

Sam Stokes

September: Journal Prompt

If this concept of ONENESS seems challenging or threatens your ego, let me invite you to this simple exercise. 

Next time you go to a coffee shop or restaurant or public place all by yourself, take a moment to observe people. Observe older folks and young kids. Observe people working and people relaxing.

Observe people exactly as they are and find something in them, in their behavior, their energy that you deeply connect to. Something that you feel lives within you. 

Write down how you connect to them and how you feel them to be. 

I promise the first few may feel like a stretch and then after that, you'll find that every single person in the establishment feels like an extension of you. 

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