November: Family

Date: 2023

November: Family

Family is an interesting word. It is so compact in letters, but is such a complex feeling perhaps no single word or even a song, book or movie could ever fully capture its essence.

For some, it is very connected to a blood relation. A physical nature of ancestry and lineage. 

For other, it is cosmic, it is multi-dimensional. Spans multiple planets, timelines, physical forms and energy exchanges. 

And for a handful, it is both. 

A feeling that it is all interconnected within our physical bloodline and our cosmic intertwine. 

Regardless of how we try to define what it looks like on paper, the great question is: 

           What does family feel like?

Is it the feeling of unconditional love? 

Is it a feeling of trust?

Is it a feeling of safety? 

Perhaps a feeling that gifts the opportunity of growth and expansion?

Some can mistake the feeling of what they up in during their childhoos experience as the essence of family, but what if we define what family looks like and feels like to us independent of our emotional memory and see the ways it is right in front of us at all times. 

Perhaps it looks like the cuddles of a pet, the shade of a familiar tree or, in fact, the embrace of a relative. 

Family is a word to describe a feeling. So this month of November, we'll explore:

           What does family feel like?

With light and love,

Sam Stokes

November: Journal Prompt

Here are some questions along the topic of Family to get some words flowing in your journal:

  • What does family feel like to you?
  • Why did you choose your family?
  • Why did you choose to be born in this time?
  • Do you feel like you fit in with your blood family or do you challenge the status quo?
  • Have you experienced a feeling of family with people/animals/plants you're not related to?

Explore these topics freely, loosely and expansively!

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