March: New Beginnings

March: New Beginnings

Date: 2024

March is a logical, intuitive, natural reset for the new year. It is when the flowers start to blossom, the color starts to pop back into our landscapes, the days slowly get longer, we intuitively and naturally feel lighter and better. 

January 1st is a bullshit "new year." It's the middle of winter. Who could possibly feel inspired to make new drastic changes to their life in the middle of hibernation? 

And yet with March, we have the start of spring on March 21st. It's the start of the zodiac calendar with Aries kicking things off. The bees and birds and all the colorful good energy is bouncing back. Women are naturally all wearing pastel colors and flowers on their clothes. It's a beautiful celebration and natural new beginning. 

In the winter, we have this incredible opportunity to rest, to shed old programming, to heal, to renew, to hibernate and look inward. We can stay in more than we want to go out and we can set the intention for the coming year. 

We can genuinely check in with our heart and spirit and ask ourselves what our dreams and intentions are for the coming year. I know this can sound a little far fetched, but here's an example. 

I was standing on the LA Dodgers baseball field one time a few months ago. I saw the crowd, the lights, the kids eagerly hoping to catch a ball, the atheletes fully in their zone. I realized immediately, "wow, this is NOT my dream. I have never had a fantasy of playing baseball, of being on the Dodgers team, none of it. I appreciate it, but it's not ever been my dream." 

I realized, it is the dream of a lot of other people though. And in that, it was incredibly humbling to realize how motivated, inspired and hopeful many people are to strive for that dream and eventually manifest that dream. What a miracle!

So just like in the winter when we plant seeds of intention. For some, they may plant the seed of getting one step closer to playing for the LA Dodgers. And that seed will slowly grow and blossom. For others, they may plant a completely different seed, with a different intention. 

The seeds we plant, determine everything for the dreams we grow. 

With light and love,

Sam Stokes

March: Journal Prompt

Reflect on the seeds you have planted this winter. What intentions have you set and visions have you created for the coming year? 

What have you released and let go? What did you mulch have you returned back to the Earth that you no longer carry into this new year? 

What are some of the first signs of new growth and new beginnings? What do you notice starting to peek up from the winter frost and greet the spring sunshine? 

What are you grateful for that you purged or healed or transmuted in this past winter season? (Perhaps this happened subconsciously without your awareness until now.)

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