June: Joy

Date: 2023

June: Joy

“Die Kunst des Lebens ist zu lernen im Regen zu tanzen anstatt auf die Sonne zu warten”

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“The art of life is to learn how to dance in the rain instead of waiting for the sun.” 

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Joy is the theme for the month of June! It is such a beautiful word that the more I explore it, the more I find powerful layers to it. 

There is a difference between blind positivity, the feeling of just pushing past and ignoring our own feelings. It’s almost as if to get to pure joy we must be okay with welcoming in our own pain and then learn to accept and release that pain once we’ve felt it. 

Joy - to me - feels like the blue sky that is always there. Sure we might have a rainy day (or season), we may feel lost in the gloom, but we can experience joy in our knowing that even on those cloudy, rainy days, the sun is still shining. We can still feel its warmth even when we can’t see it. 

So this quote - which I found on a bookmark in an airport in Germany - feels so appropriate for the month of June and Joy because it is our reminder that even on the hard days, even on the painful days, we can still feel the warmth of the sun - we can still experience love and joy. 


With light and love,

Sam Stokes

June: Journal Prompt

When was the last time you felt complete and utter joy?

What were you doing? Who were you with? What was the weather like? What happened the day before?

Were you the source of your own joy or did joy come from an external factor?

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