January: Intention

January: Intention

Date: 2024

In modern culture we associate January as the beginning of the "new year." And yet, in many places of the world, it is the dead of winter, the coldest, darkest and most wintery time of the year. Many find themselves hard to be motivated to jumpstart into something new, exciting, adventurous when everything else seems slow. 

So perhaps January is less about the assertive, bold (often short lived) time of resolutions and rather a time of reflection and intention setting. It's perhaps a season of planting seeds, slowly, thoroughly, methodically, mindfully.

A time to genuinely sit with each and every desire and ask, "Can I see myself still caring about this in August, or will I have forgotten by then?" 

So when I think of the January as a season. A time for slow movements and decisions rather than quick resolutions, I find a big open valley of space opens up in my mind and my heart. Nothing is as urgent as we perceive it to be. We always have time. 

So enjoy the cold. Really, truly enjoy it. Enjoy the darkness. Enjoy the slow days. Enjoy the things that keep you warm. And perhaps a little stardust of an idea might pop into your head and your heart to point you where you want to go this year. 

With light and love,

Sam Stokes

January: Journal Prompt

What is something outside of your comfort zone, something that interests you - maybe even scares you - that you'd like to integrate into your comfort zone this year? 

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