February: Good Fortune

February: Good Fortune

Date: 2024

I've had a lot of friends ask me: "How do I tell the difference between anxiety and intuition?" 

As one becomes more sensitive, more attuned to the world around them, it can feel like you're buzzing, you're like a brand new X-Men, but you haven't gone to superpower school yet. So you're just Spiderman getting stuck to stuff and falling off buildings and trying to figure out what these new abilities are. 

So at first, these sensitivities are beautiful, but if one is not grounded and disciplined, it can disconnect the spirit from the body leading to a person to feel and become "crazy." 

Often times, people get these downloads, these new superpowers (again - think any comic story) after something tragic has happened that has altered their lives forever. These new skills are like an upgrade and you might feel like you're able to protect yourself from that kind of tragedy happening ever again. Maybe you become a magnet for it. (Again, think any superhero movie - they're a magnet for evil villains.) 

So back to the original question - "How do I tell the difference between anxiety and intuition?" 

The answer is simple. Anxiety is often triggered by something. It is a reaction to a current situation based off of something that happened in the past. It is a continuation (or attempted avoidance) of a particular scenario. 

Intuition is quiet. It's gentle. It makes you smile. It gives you more peace. Even the worst news can be so gentle and peaceful as it quietly makes its way into your awareness.

And so how does this all relate to Good Fortune?

Many comic book stories are based around using these superpowers to fight evil. It's creating scenarios of conflict for winning/losing. It also creates an us vs. them situation and further separates each entity from one another. 

What about the superpower that only attracted good? It brought in more abundance, more love, more good fortune to that superhero and those around them?

Instead of being a magnet for evil, it became a magnet for love and goodness? 

So throughout this month of February, tune into your own superpowers, your incredible gifts. Really listen and feel them. And through your gifts, ask to receive more abundance, good fortune and opportunity through your exact gifts. Attract good fortune for yourself and your loved ones!

With light and love,

Sam Stokes

February: Journal Prompt

What are your superpowers? (And before you go down any road of self-doubt, trust me. Every single person has some/many superpowers!)

When have you felt an intuitive nudge? How did it feel? 

When have felt anxiety? Were you able to identify it and release it? 

When have you felt in the flow of abundance? How were you attracting and receiving those opportunities?

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