December: Reflection

Date: 2023

December: Reflection

As the year winds down, I often find it funny how the month of December can feel stressful - when it actually invites us to feel celebratory. It invites us to reflect on all of the lessons we've learned. To remember who we were 12 months ago and to see how far we've grown.

It invites us to celebrate our lives, our loved ones (with us and passed on). It invites us to slow down and not overpack the month with expenses and events that drain us, but instead to appreciate all thatwe already have and allow that feeling of abundance to reflect on all that is around us. 

It is to embrace the idea that if we didn't do something by the end of this calendar years - who cares!? We can do it next year. For now, we can rest, appreciate, reflect and celebrate. 

May the end of the year bring you all that you co-created for yourself!

With light and love,

Sam Stokes

December: Journal Prompt

A quick activity to help reflect on the year. 

  • Spend a day - a whole day - to this activity.
  • Allow yourself to genuinely remember and jump back to the person you were 12 months ago.
  • How did you feel? Who were you surrounded with? What were your priorities, thoughts, ideas? 
  • Now from that place of memory - slowly move through each month January until December of this year. Allow yourself to deeply reflect on choices you made (good or bad), lessons you learned (good or bad) and slowly document all of those changes that led you here. 

A whole day is helpful for this exercise, becasue you will find that once you turn the faucet on, it won't stop! 

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