August: Consicousness

August: Consciousness

Date: 2023

What does consciousness mean? Or perhaps more importantly, what does it feel like? 

Perhaps it is simply locking eyes with a stranger and feeling a deep sense of comfort, for you know you’ve been friends in another lifetime.

Perhaps it is feeling such a state of ease as you connect to a loved one who has passed and see them reflecting back as a speck of light in a rainbow.

Perhaps it is receiving a letter in the mail your friend sent 3 weeks ago and in it there is a message you need to hear at the exact moment you unfold the paper. 

Maybe it’s falling asleep to a dream where a family member hugs you goodbye only to find out the next morning they have passed on. 

It could even be you smelling the perfect cup of chocolatey coffee as you drive to meet a loved one, only to see them standing there with that exact cup of coffee waiting for you in their hands.

It is both otherworldly and exactly that which defines and operates every moment within this physical world. It is indescribable and yet palpable. It is magic and ordinary. It surrounds us and it lives within us. 

All we are asked to do is simply notice it is there.


With light and love,

Sam Stokes

August: Journal Prompt

When was the last time you felt a glitch in the matrix? You noticed something sync up in such a perfect way, it felt like more than just a "coincidence"? 

Do you feel this connection and see these synchronicities often or rather infrequent? 

What state of being are you in when you notice them more often?

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