April: Hope


Date: 2024

For the love of the Earth - hope is the future!

As distractions ask us to spend so much time and energy - our literal life force energy - on things based in fear; a fear of the end of the Earth, a fear of scarce resources, a fear of life itself, we must remember and connect to a future that is based in hope. A future we can believe in, be joyful about, and collectively work towards in small steps. 

I'd like to take a moment to share a vision of that future.

A reality of peace, co-existence, harmony, and of course, love.

This Earth I see and feel is based on a profound realization and foundation that we are all interconnected. Not just humans to humans. But humans to animals. Humans to plants. Humans to the Earth itself. We realize that through loving ourselves and taking care of ourselves first, we may then take care of humanity, animals, plants and the Earth. 

We no longer look for a hero outside of ourselves. We realize, we are the heroes within ourselves. We have the answers to every question we are looking for. We have the compassion to help others in a time of need because we see that they are nothing more than a mirror of ourselves.

We build communities in which we can move around without cars as the primary mode of transportation. We grow our own food. Vegetables, fruits, beans and breads are things we can grow ourselves and trade with our neighbors and communities. 

Our homes are built sustainably with solar, wind and future creations we haven't learned about yet, in a way for the resources we need to be closer to home. We won't need power, water and resources to travel thousands of miles to get to us. We'll find ways to have our resources closer to where we need to use them.

We'll build public schools that are not only safe, but perhaps the safest and most enriching place for kids to spend their time. They'll learn about ways in which we can work together and their natural interests and talents will be cherished and encouraged from the beginning. They will be respected as our teachers and bringers of new ideas. 

Globally, we'll find ways to travel that feels sustainable. Having aircrafts and other modes of transportation that are gentle to the planet. 

We might even arrive at a place in which we have one day a month (or maybe one day a week!) in which no one travels. In which we give the planet a moment to breathe easy without our movement. A gesture of kindness and respect from us to Mother Earth.

We won't produce waste that can't be efficiently and quickly composted and restored to a natural state. Plastic was only invented in 1907 - it was an experiment that has proven to be detrimental in many ways. We are continuing to explore and create new, sustainable ways to store and transport things. 

We'll build jobs that are connected to our passions and live in a rhythm with our bodies. In the summer we might play more and in the winter we might rest more. We'll do what we need to do to move things ahead, but we'll appreciate the basics of life itself.

And a final vision is that we'll have time, energy and space to create. I believe it could be a next renaissance. We'll become woodworkers, potters, bakers, musicians, artists, poets, filmmakers, engineers, etc. We'll express and create from a place of meditation and joy. We'll create for the love of creating. 

This is only a small glimpse into a world I know we are moving towards. It is a horizon and vision worth holding onto. We can take small steps in our conversations with ourselves, our conversations with our loved ones and our conversations with the universe. Let us hold onto hope and the beauty of the future on this planet! 

With light and love,

Sam Stokes

April: Journal Prompt

What are small changes you've noticed in your life or your community that give you a feeling of hope? 

What are some ideas or contributions you can make to move towards a direction of hope and harmony? 

As you ponder these brief suggestions, do other ideas come up that were not mentioned that give you a feeling of hope? What are they? Can you help to implement them? 

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