May 2023

May: Grace

Date: 2023

What does G-R-A-C-E look like to you? 

Is it something like pausing to give thanks before each meal? 

Is it taking a moment to acknowledge a mistake you’ve made? 

Is it giving yourself a bit of time to pause and rest when things get too busy? 

Maybe it looks like loving someone from afar because you know what they need most is a little time and a little space to step into the highest version of themselves. 

Maybe it’s falling down, only to get back up again reconnected to your most loving, self-less purpose. 

For me, grace looks like listening. It looks like actively asking my ego to leave the room so that I may learn, I may listen, I may understand an experience I have not had in this lifetime, but I desire to learn from someone else. 

It looks like acknowledging when I am wrong when I have made a mistake. 

It is asking forgiveness and giving forgiveness freely. 

It is showing myself the same self-love and compassion I would show a small child.

We’re all here starting each and every day as brand new people. We wake up completely new and changed from all that we experienced the day before and during our dreams and so it is with a small amount of grace that we may show ourselves and others a bit of love as they try new things each and every day. 

May this month bring you all the grace you desire.

With light and love,

Sam Stokes

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